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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jeff Koon’s BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

reveal Jeff Koon’s BMW art Car at the Center Popidou in Paris this week. Effects like explosions, race cars and speed were the factors of study that Jeff Koon had indulged in, right from 1977 when the program for this car commenced for the designing of this car. Jeff Koon’s BMW Art car occupied center stage at Center Pompidou. Incidentally this is the same place where Roy Lichtenstein had presented his Art Car back in 1977. BMW have also announced that Jeff Koon’s BMW art Car would participate in the race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. The race is one in which the first rolling pieces of art by well known car designers have taken part in.
The car has been created with long windswept strokes and the colors are bright. This appeal to the sense of “power motion and bursting energy,” which is the present phrase of attraction for car lovers. The exterior design which was printed on vinyl and then wrapped around the car too has been equally dynamic as the silver interior. If one noted the spare parts, one would note the two added layers of clear coat that have been used and wrapped about the parts.
Koon had been personally overseeing the entire designing and application of the same upon the car. BMW engineers and other designers assisted him during the process. Translation of 3D to 2D using CAD has been resorted to affect the designs on this car and all at the Schmid Design center in Bavaria.  The cars aerodynamics has not been tampered or altered as also the material used being light material does not change the racing characteristic of the car. People are able to view the car free of charge at the Forum of the Center Pompidou.

Source: automotto


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