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Friday, December 3, 2010

Perodua Bezza concept at KLIM...Kudos to Perodua !!

bezza 1
Perodua has unveiled a next-generation prototype model called the Bezza at KLIMS. The sleek concept is tagged as the sort of vehicle that’s ideal for the future Gen-Y crowd looking for something bigger to efficiently traverse the concrete jungle as well as for longer journeys.
bezza 2
Penned by Perodua’s Malaysian designers, led by chief designer Muhammad Zamren Musa, the four metre long B-pillarless vehicle is the company’s vision of what a compact car is – a vehicle that maximises the interior with a minimised exterior, and focuses on styling studies of design cues and character.
Branded as a mobile living space, it’s set to become the blueprint for the company’s future models, P2 says. The design, which traces of the Prius, features a sliding rear door and swivel front seat for easy ingress and egress, along with a distinctly agressive headlamp design.
bezza 3
The clean-looking interior features an instrument panel designed for the driver’s visual ease and a floating centre console that provides additional legroom for both driver and front passenger, with a large luggage storage area part of the design brief as well.


apezs shah said...

biar betik ni.. lawanya.
tp lampu belkg mcm kereta proton tuah je..

khairul said...

klu la ada dlm market...suruh sambar nie ...cun siot !

AYuNG said...

nmpak sporty ler....:)

Along Usop said...

lambat lagi nak tunggu kluar nih...
enjin sndri pon produa lom buat..
pape pon.. tunggu jela nanti..

Anonymous said...

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